3 classic Italian dishes you can serve all week long to kickstart fall

A delicious bolognese is all you need to kickstart a week's worth of comforting Italian meals.

Anthony Scotto, owner of New York City's Fresco by Scotto restaurant stopped by Megyn Kelly TODAY to walk us through three Italian classics you'll be able to enjoy every night of the week.

A hearty bolognese is the perfect Italian comfort food: It's delicious, filling and it's exactly what you crave once the summer winds down and the weather gets a little cooler. Make a big batch and use the leftovers for filling a lasagna that's bubbling with cheese or pair it with extra creamy polenta.

This meaty bolognese gets an added sweetness from fennel. Once you nail down this classic sauce you can use it for a plethora of Italian-inspired dishes.

A hearty lasagna takes time, but the reward is a hefty amount of leftovers you can serve up all week long.

This extra creamy polenta gets its soft, butter-like texture from folding in mascarpone cheese at the end.