2015 Super Bowl snack bracket winner: Wings defeat nachos in big game

snack bracket finals
TODAY; Casey Barber; Laurie McNa
By Megan O. Steintrager

What's the ultimate Super Bowl party food? We narrowed down the playing field to 16 dips, spreads and other party snacks and turned the vote over to you. 


After some mighty battles, you chose a champion: It's wings that have flown to the top of the rankings, trouncing nachos in the final face-off. Download the original bracket here, and see below drool-worthy recipes for wings and all of its worthy snack-petitors. 


So many ways to get your wings on:

Crispy baked chicken wings with blue cheese dressing
Slow-cooker Buffalo wings and 4 more takes
Tamarind-glazed chicken wings
Giada's Mediterranean chili chicken wings


The rest of the Super Bowl snacks — they're all winners to us: