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Cheese the day: 20 mouthwatering recipes for National Cheeseburger Day

So many juicy burgers, so little time.
National Cheeseburger Day is September 18.
National Cheeseburger Day is September 18. bymuratdeniz / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Barbecue season isn't over until we say it's over. And according to the orchestrators of national food holidays, it can't be. Saturday is National Cheeseburger Day, and we're already restocking the gas grill and refilling the charcoal to get cooking (although some of these recipes work terrifically on the stovetop, too).

So whether you're after an all-American classic topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions, crave something more inventive or want a flavorful meatless option, TODAY Food has it covered.

It's time to toast this day of beef in style!

This burger is totally over the top! It's got delicious Donkey Sauce, crunchy fried onions, creamy mac and cheese, crispy bacon and roasted garlic butter, all sandwiched on toasted buns with a perfectly cooked beef patty and all the best burger fixings.

Don't let the long list of ingredients fool you: This burger is easy to put together. The multiple layers of flavors in the meaty burger, tangy sauce and zesty pickles make the extra effort of measuring and mixing well worth it.

Siri Daly's Chicken Burgers

Swap out the beef for ground chicken in Siri Daly's moist, light burger recipe. The patties have plenty of flavors mixed throughout and get topped crunchy, zesty and fresh ingredients that make it a dish you won't make just once.

Cajun Cheeseburger

This is not your average cheeseburger, to say the least. Sweet, caramelized onions, sharp melted cheddar, crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Lawry's ensure that every bite packs a big, flavorful punch.

Perfect for serving up dinner to guests or the fam, this cheeseburger bar will equip any home cook to grill up juicy burgers with a light, tangy slaw, creamy guacamole and other toppings like charred corn and pico de gallo.

Why not mimic the burger favored by Adam Rippon, Ina Garten and Guy Fieri? This copycat In-N-Out burger is so good, you'll be going animal style in no time.

The Hampton Burger

This burger is stuffed to the brim with rich, umami-filled flavors. The tangy pickled beets, creamy American cheese, salty miso-mustard and smoky roasted tomatoes compliment the rich beef and make this burger beyond delicious.

Peach Caprese Burgers

Want all the makings for a masterpiece meal? How about protein-packed patties layered with cheesy mozzarella, sweet and juicy peaches, aromatic basil, peppery arugula leaves and thick and tangy balsamic glaze? Now that's a cheeseburger!

Cheddar. Bacon. Ranch. This easy and cheesy burger just may be the American dream.

For all the pickle lovers who prefer a crisp sensation over a pickle juice slushy, Bobby Flay's burger recipe is the one for you. This is the one, the only, the perfect "crunch" burger.

Anne Burell's Killer Turkey Burgers

Transform your usual turkey burgers with just a few easy ingredients. Soy sauce, cilantro, water chestnuts — and a few other pantry staples — add a ton of flavor and terrific texture to these easy-to-make burgers.

Chicken Chorizo Burgers

This flavor blast of a burger uses ground chicken and chorizo instead of beef. The chorizo keeps the chicken meat extra moist during the grilling process, but you can swap in sweet Italian sausage or ground turkey if you're prefer a less spicy burger. Don't forget the cheese!

California-style Burger

Give your burger a little extra love with a California-style treatment by topping it with Gruyere, cumin and green chile sauce.

Sunny's Nacho Bacon Burger

The secret to this burger's over-the-top flavor is in the center. Hiding inside is a molten pocket of gooey nacho cheese dip. It's a little crazy, and totally delicious.

Perfect Bloody Mary Burgers

Love a good bloody mary? This burger version uses everything from celery seeds to hot sauce to create a savory fix to sink your teeth into.

This turkey burger takes classic country flavors to the next level. Stuffed with crumbled bacon and topped with pepper jack cheese and grilled peaches, it's just the right combination of savory, spicy, smoky, sweet and juicy.

The Downlow Burger

Most of the preparation can be done ahead of time in this tender, juicy burger that's cooked low and slow. This version is an elevated take on an In-N-Out Double-Double — one of Michael Fiorelli's favorites in Southern California.

Vegetarian options

A veggie burger that’s hearty, flavorful and still holds up to its meaty counterparts, Samah Dada's chickpea burger has no shortage of flavor wiht warm spices and a special red pepper sauce smothered on top. Her vegan version doesn't have cheese on it, but if you're strict about your National Cheeseburger Day requirements, we'd opt for feta!

Trisha Yearwood's sweet pea burgers have a garbanzo bean and sweet potato base, and are tasty as they are sweet. She serves them on onion burger buns to balance the sweet with a little savory — add some cheese to up the flavor profile even more.

Black Bean Burger with Sweet Hoisin Glaze

Want something lighter yet still flavorful? Try this black bean burger with a hoisin glaze. Add a slice for pepper jack cheese for an extra bit of pep. It's packed with protein, fiber, iron and many other vital nutrients. Plus, it tastes amazing!