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17 sweet and savory pies to bake for Pi Day

Whatever your knowledge of pi (and pie), you will enjoy any one of these tasty circular treats.
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In pie we crust.TODAY Illustration / Nathan Congleton
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In honor of the mathematical constant beginning with 3.14, we've rounded up 17 of our favorite pie recipes (because 3+14 is 17, of course).

Every year on March 14, math lovers and fans of round foods,like pie and pizza, celebrate Pi Day. Some people know pi as its Greek symbol π, while others may have memorized the first 23 numbers in the constant. Whatever your knowledge of pi (and pie), you will enjoy any one of the tasty circular treats — whether sweet or savory — below.

Sweet pie recipes

Salted Caramel Mocha Chess Pie

Anyone who loves a sliver of saltiness in their desserts will flip for this gorgeously gooey pie. With rich ingredients like espresso and cocoa all swirled together a brown sugar-based caramel sauce, it will have you slicing up seconds.

Apple Slab Pie

Marcela Valladolid's apple pie recipe is scented with cinnamon and decorated with leaf designs. Just top it with a little vanilla ice cream when it's fresh out of the oven for ultimate results.

Honey-Balsamic Blueberry Pie

Honey-balsamic blueberry pie might sound unexpected but it's supremely sensational! A touch of tangy balsamic vinegar combined with honey, cinnamon and a pinch of freshly ground black pepper magnifies the sweetness of the blueberries.

Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

Patti LaBelle's famous sweet potato pie has a thin layer of brown sugar on the bottom crust. This "black bottom" doesn't just add flavor, it also helps keep the filling from making the crust soggy. The end result is a luscious pie as smooth as LaBelle's voice.

Key lime pies are an iconic American dessert, but they're not always so easy to make. They've got to be decadent but light, cool and creamy … and this one has it all!

Sunny's No-Bake Strawberry Blueberry Pie

Sunny Anderson's gorgeous, picture-book pie is so easy and fresh. One of the best parts is that you never even have to turn on the oven to enjoy the treat.

Love brownies? How about pie? Peanut butter cups? Indulge in all three with this irresistible pie that swaps out traditional pie crust for a thick, chewy brownie bottom.

This delicious combination of crumbly graham cracker crust, dark toffee sauce and creamy banana filling may sound complicated but it's actually pretty simple to make. It's a winner for any special occasion.

Adding Chinese five-spice powder to the pumpkin pie filling may seem unorthodox, but two of its components (cinnamon and clove) can already be found in standard pumpkin-pie spice. The dramatic crust is delightfully easy to create.

Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

What's better than baking a fresh pie crust and filling it with fresh fruit and ice cream? It's simple and nostalgic. Alex Guarnaschelli recommends store-bought or homemade strawberry ice cream with a drizzle of aged or reduced balsamic vinegar for some grown-up acidity.

Savory pie recipes

This cozy dish takes its cue from pastelón, a Puerto Rican casserole that varies by region but usually includes plantains, meat, onion, bell pepper, cheese, tomato, olives, herbs, spices and sometimes raisins. Nadine Nelson uses the plantains as a top crust in her version of shepherd's pie.

Prosciutto Pasta Pie

"I grew up eating pasta pie most weeks. My nonna would make pasta on Sundays and she would use leftovers to make this dish. It's delicious warm but even better cold, straight out of the fridge," Laura Vitale says about this hearty Italian dish.

Short Rib Pie

JJ Johnson loves the surprise of serving a savory pie. The flaky crust pairs so perfectly with the filling of tender meat, aromatic vegetables and flavorful gravy.

Quinn Daly's Chicken Potpies

"This recipe, like the ones from my sister-in-law, Siri, is really easy to make," says Carson's sister Quinn. "It tastes amazing and makes me feel like a rock star when my family and friends rave about how delicious it is!"

Adam Richman's Spaghetti Pie

Adam Richman shares a fun way to serve up spaghetti: turn it into pie! The mozzarella-Parmesan topping gets slightly browned and really brings the dish home.

Tomato Pie

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Tomato Pie

Elizabeth Heiskell

Elizabeth Heiskell's tomato pie recipe is super easy thanks to store-bought pie crust. It's the perfect way to spotlight juicy, delicious tomatoes surrounded with a creamy, fresh filling.