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15 refreshing cocktails you should make before summer ends

Congrats! You've finally made it to the weekend! Time to reward yourself by sitting back, relaxing, and sipping on a refreshing cocktail.
/ Source: TODAY

Congrats! You've finally made it to the weekend! Time to reward yourself by sitting back, relaxing, and sipping on a refreshing cocktail — preferably loaded with summer fruit, because, let's face it: we've only got a few more weeks of summer left. Before pumpkin spice takes over the throne, we need to honor all of the berries and stone fruit (vegetables and herbs, too!) that summer has gifted us — by boozing them up, of course. Here, we've got 15 recipes for cocktails that you're really, really going to miss come fall — so do yourself a favor and drink 'em now.

Charity Long / TODAY Food Club

Spicy Thai basil cucumber cocktail

With cucumber and Thai basil, this drink is definitely cool and refreshing, but the best part is its nice, slow jalapeno burn at the finish.

Summer Melon Sangria

Is there anything better than a fruit salad? Well, actually, yes: a fruit salad infused with booze — in this case, crisp white wine and St. Germain.

Veggie Balance / TODAY Food Club

Blueberry wine spritzer

An easy homemade blueberry simple syrup takes the wine spritzer — a classic summer drink — to a whole new level.

Karrie Holland / Tasty Ever After / TODAY Food Club

Raspberry lime basil gin cocktail

This drink is already bursting with so much sweet, juicy flavor from the fresh fruit and basil, it doesn't even need simple syrup, which makes it so light and bubbly.

Krystal Butherus / Sunny Sweet Days / TODAY Food Club

Watermelon whiskey cocktail

Brown liquor isn't just for the cold months. Used sparingly, combined with ginger ale and watermelon juice, it's a fizzy, refreshing delight.

White Peach and Basil Sangria

Red sangria is great, sure, but on a hot summer day, white does a much better job of cooling you down — especially combined with a touch of bourbon, ripe, drip-down-your-chin peaches and fresh basil.

Karen Kelly / Seasonal Cravings / TODAY Food Club

Strawberry mint smash

I'm calling it now: strawberry and mint is the new peanut butter and jelly.

Alice Choi1 / Hip Foodie Mom / TODAY Food Club

Blueberry cherry mojito

I had no idea until now that blueberries and cherries were meant to be together. Rum, apparently is a great matchmaker. #Bluecherries forever.

Blackberry Thyme Spritzer Cocktail

Channel your inner mixologist. Combine blackberries and thyme with Prosecco and you've got quite the sophisticated summer in a glass.

Watermelon Cooler Cocktail

After you've had your fill of that huge watermelon you hauled from the market, bring the rest to the bar and introduce it to rum. You won't regret it.

Kellie Hemmerly / The Suburban Soapbox / TODAY Food Club

Strawberry champagne mojito

What's the only thing a classic mojito lacks? Bubbles. Here, champagne takes the mojito to a whole other, tongue-tingling level.

Stone Fruit Sangria

Loaded with two types of stone fruit — apricots and plums — this drink is the ultimate ode to the summer's generous bounty.

Lavender Vodka Spritzer Cocktail

Feelin' fancy? Well, this pretty little lavender-infused cocktail will give you a little taste of frolicking through fields in the south of France.

Stephanie Allori Hillis / TODAY Food Club

Pimm's cup

A case for judging a book by its cover: This classic British cocktail is bursting with just as much flavor as it is color.

Kellie Hemmerly / The Suburban Soapbox / TODAY Food Club

Give the classic Southern cocktail a tasty twist and throw in some bursting blueberries — and no, you don't need to be watching a horse race to enjoy it.