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Cauliflower Peeps?! 15 of the best April Fools' pranks by food brands

Be honest: Did you fall for any of these?
From cauliflower-flavored Peeps to a Velveeta skincare line, this year's April Fools' Day pranks from food brands were … no joke.
From cauliflower-flavored Peeps to a Velveeta skincare line, this year's April Fools' Day pranks from food brands were … no joke.Green Giant / Velveeta

Notice some unusual announcements today from food brands? Maybe take them with a grain of salt.

Companies across the globe are taking advantage of April Fools’ Day to execute clever marketing campaigns. The more ridiculous the product, the more buzz on the internet. Luckily for us, it’s extremely entertaining.

Food brands and restaurants have stepped up their April Fools’ game this year, providing hilarious concoctions and products. Be honest: Did you fall for any of these?

V by Velveeta

Kraft Food's Velveeta pranked us with a new cheese-inspired skincare line. With a motto like “discover your skin’s natural, creamy complexion,” who wouldn’t want to try it out? You can join the waitlist today and they’ll let you know when (or if) the products are available for purchase.

Guacamole Toothpaste

Chosen Foods revealed “GuacPaste,” a toothpaste flavored with hand-picked Hass avocados. Deep down, I think we’re all a little disappointed this isn’t real.

Green Giant x Peeps Cauliflower Bunnies

If you already dislike Peeps or cauliflower, this might be your worst nightmare. The sugary seasonal snack and Green Giant teamed up to announce cauliflower-flavored Peeps. Truly, the stuff of nightmares.

Pizza-Flavored Bud Light Seltzer

On Wednesday, Bud Light announced a new pizza-flavored seltzer. The variety pack features pepperoni, anchovy, extra cheese, and veggie-flavored seltzers. Bud Light later tweeted, “Scary how many of you actually wanted to try these yesterday #AprilFools.” Scary, indeed.

Seemore Sausage x Eli's Cheesecake

Women-owned sausage-and-veggie company, Seemore Meats & Veggies, teamed up with Eli's Cheesecake Company to produce a sausage-flavored cheesecake. Thankfully, it's just another April Fools' prank. Jokes aside, they are actually giving away a real cheesecake and four-pack of sausages to a lucky winner in the comments.

Heinz 'Smoup'

Smoup = smoothie + soup. Heinz got us this year with a drink that combines their tomato soup and Innocent’s strawberry banana smoothie. We honestly wouldn't be that shocked if this were real, given that Campbell's Tomato Soup Cake is a thing.

Burger King Sourdough Campaign

Since everyone was making sourdough in quarantine, Burger King decided to hop onboard and debut sourdough sandwiches with a twist, piled high with everything from Hershey Pies to Mini Shakes. The company even changed its Twitter bio to “puttin’ everything on sourdough since 2021” to top off the prank.

Chobani Yogurt Face Masks

Chobani Australia announced a new line of yogurt-based face masks. This actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea …

Yuengling Party Packs

Craving a beer that will satisfy your thirst and hunger? Look no further than Yuengling’s new collaboration beers: The Pierogi Pilsner has hints of Mrs. T’s Pierogies, while the Crunchwave IPA packs in Utz Potato Chips flavor.

Pringles Tingles

Pringles teased a salt-and-vinegar–flavored lip balm as this year’s prank. Classic chips cure chapped lips? (Our chapped lips sting just thinking about this.)

Fly by Jing Pre-Stained Chili Oil Tee

Tired of spilling Sichuan chili crisp on your white clothes? This pre-stained shirt would've been perfect for you … if it were real.

Dunkin’ Donuts x Harpoon Brewery Bacon, Egg & Cheese Brown Ale

Harpoon Brewery joked about a collaboration with Dunkin’ Donuts to announce a new bacon, egg and cheese-flavored ale. The promo shows a worker dunkin' (get it?) the breakfast sandwiches straight into the beer vat.

Subway Coriander Cookie

Subway Australia shared a photo introducing a new cookie filled with coriander leaves, fittingly named the "Coriander Cookie." Whether or not you're a cilantro fan, you're probably thankful this isn't something that actually exists.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Spread

Why does this actually sound amazing? Unfortunately for all of us, Krispy Kreme Australia's promotion of this glazed doughnut spread was just another April Fools' Day joke.

Magic Spoon x Banza Mac & Cheese Cereal / Cereal-Flavored Mac

Start your day off right with a big bowl of mac-and-cheese–flavored cereal. Oh, you'd prefer cereal-flavored mac? Banza's got you covered there, too.