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These are the 10 most popular recipes of 2017, according to Google

Apparently, people really, really want to know how to make beef stroganoff.
/ Source: TODAY

As 2017 comes to a close, we can't help but reflect on some of our favorite foods — and neither can Google. The search engine has just released its most-searched trends and among them is a list of the top 10 recipes people were looking for in 2017.

Though we love pretty much all food, we were pretty surprised by some of these recipes because there's very little overlap from 2016 ... and nary a mention of everyone's Insta-favorite green fruit: the avocado. Still, these dishes are all decidedly delicious. And, for the first time ever, to honor its position on the top 10 list, Olive Garden has released a copycat version of its world-famous (ok, ok America-famous) Chicken Parmigiana recipe that they told us tastes as close to the restaurant version as you can get!

Here are Google's top recipe searches from this year, accompanied by TODAY Food favorites inspired by the most sought after trends.

1. Beef stronganoff recipe

This comforting dish is as hearty as it is versatile. Though it's not something you can usually whip up in a few minutes, the time it takes to get the beef nice and tender is well worth it.

2. Apple crisp recipe

We are not surprised this less-fuss version of a classic apple pie is one of the most sought after recipes. Plenty of TODAY hosts even have their own version — we love Al Roker's and Dylan Dreyer's.

3. Corn casserole recipe

Creamy Corn Casserole

A creamy corn casserole might make a great side dish for a big fall or winter feast, but we think it's also a great way to use perfectly sweet corn harvested in the summer.

4. Brine turkey recipe

Brining a turkey — or any other type of poultry — is a great way to impart flavor and keep your meat moist. There are as many ways to brine as there are chefs (though most have some combination of sugar, salt and water ... with various spices). We love this pickle-brined turkey!

5. Zucchini recipe

The wild popularity of "zoodles" has no doubt catapulted this green squash into the stratosphere of most-popular dishes. Aside from spiralizing zucchini, you can also make lasagnas, serve it in boats or even make deliciously crispy fries.

6. Chicken parmesan recipe

We're surprised this Italian-American classic wasn't on last year's list! With juicy, breaded chicken, classic marinara sauce and ooey gooey cheese, you really can't go wrong with a solid chicken parmigiana recipe.

7. Pork chops recipe

The other white meat may be just as versatile as chicken, but perfecting a tender piece of pork is definitely an art form.

8. Hard boiled egg recipe

This one had us scratching our heads. Boil water, insert egg, wait a few minutes and...there you have it, right? Well, apparently not everyone is sure how to boil an egg and, upon closer inspection, there really is an art to mastering a perfectly boiled egg. Whether you like your yolks super solid or a little runny, it's good to know how to make your eggs just right.

9. Yams recipe

Yams and sweet potatoes aren't the same thing. There, we said it. But that being said, both starchy vegetables can be used in similar ways. Yams, as sold in the U.S., are usually soft sweet potatoes with a copper skin and deep orange flesh. And we just can't resist them in a delicious casserole.

10. Hashbrown casserole recipe

Hashbrowns and casseroles are two popular comfort foods so it's great to see them together in one delicious dish. We love this make-ahead breakfast casserole recipe because, let's face it, who wants to spend a ton of time in the kitchen in the morning?

Bon appétit and cheers to all the new eats we can look forward to in 2018!