The top 10 cookbooks everyone should own

The Top 10 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own

For some people, choosing a favorite cookbook is like choosing a favorite child. It might be even harder because there are hundreds of extraordinary books that have been published over the years. But the focus of this list is cookbooks you will want to use in your kitchen today.

Besides noting for the record that there are certainly many, many valid other choices, the following also needs to be explained. Most focused ethnic cookbooks (Mexican, Chinese) had to be skipped as did most books by chefs, books with esoteric or specific focuses (family, desserts, braising) and if you are a vegetarian, for example, your list might look a lot different.

With all of those explanations and qualifications out of the way, in no particular order, here are the 10 cookbooks that belong in everyone’s kitchen, if they don’t have a place already.


1) How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

2) The Barefoot Contessa by Ina Garten