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Zachary Quinto in talks with 'Big Bang Theory' for guest role

Zachary Quinto plays Spock in the new "Star Trek" films, and may be making an appearance on "Big Bang Theory."

If Zachary Quinto appeared on "The Big Bang Theory," our whole universe would be in a hot dense state. 

"I met one of the producers at an event and we talked about the show," the actor, who plays "Star Trek's" Spock in the rebooted movie franchise, confirmed to TODAY.com. "I would love to do it if I could." 

And "Big Bang" would love to have him. Executive producer Steven Molaro told TODAY.com, "We think that's great. There's nothing set in stone yet, but if we can get that to work out we'd be really excited about it." 

If they do manage to make it so, Quinto would prefer not to follow in the Vulcan footsteps of Leonard Nimoy, who voiced a Spock action figure in the 2012 episode "The Transporter Malfunction." 

"I'll reserve another portrayal of Spock for the third 'Star Trek,' " Quinto told us. 

Instead, like fellow "Trek" franchise star Wil Wheaton's own hot-tempered recurring role, Quinto said he'd rather play "some twisted version of myself — really get into it with Sheldon."

And what a fight it could be. In a season five episode of "Big Bang," Sheldon, who was expecting a life-size cutout of Nimoy's Spock but received Quinto's apparently inferior version instead, griped, "Live long and suck it, Zachary Quinto!"

"The Big Bang Theory" returns for a seventh season — hopefully with Quinto aboard — Sept. 26 on CBS.