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Forget what the fox says, new Ylvis song puts us in knots

Image: Ylvis
TVNorge via YouTube

The same guys who told us what the fox says are back with an equally puzzling new song and video about tying knots. It's called "The Trucker's Hitch," and what's not inconceivable is that the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis could rope another viral sensation.

Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker, the brothers behind TVNorge, took the world by storm in 2013 with "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?"), a song about chirping animals which has amassed 448 million views on YouTube in a year.

In "The Trucker's Hitch," we learn that a technically difficult rope knot is keeping Bard and Vegard up at night and they must shout their frustration from the top of a forest lookout tower or from a tiny sailboat.

Through intense study — thanks to a large textbook on knots and an online instructional video run by a knot-tying mustachioed dancer — Ylvis learn the ways of "The Trucker's Hitch."

The song transitions from what sounds like Norwegian twang to a full-on dance track as we, "people of the world," realize that "the time has come for us to tie this knot once and for all."

Before you shake your head and say knot for me, think back to a simpler time, before you cared what kind of sound a fox might make.

Ylvis visited TODAY last October to explain why they wrote that hit song, and it turns out it was just a ploy to get on TODAY.

"This is the main goal," Vergard said. "We were sitting back home in Norway, thinking if we were going to perform this on TODAY show, how were we going to do it? So then we made the song about the fox."

The boys are slated to be back on Oct. 16 in an appearance that's sure to tie up any of those loose ends. 

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