'Wonder Woman' fan trailer sparks excitement for possible movie

IMAGE: Wonder Woman
Rileah Vanderbilt makes a stunning Wonder Woman in this fan trailer.Today

Look at the list of superhero films that have been or will be released this year. "Iron Man 3." "Man of Steel." "The Wolverine." "Thor: The Dark World." All the superheroes are men — not surprising considering male superheroes outnumber females in comic books as well.

Some superheroines have made it to the movies. "Elektra" had a big-screen film starring Jennifer Garner in 2005, and "Catwoman" was an infamous bomb with Halle Berry in 2004.

But what about that famed superheroine who dates back to 1942, with the invisible jet and the bullet-repelling bracelets and the Amazonian history? When will it be Wonder Woman's turn to headline a movie?

A company called Rainfall Films shows YouTube viewers what such a film might look like with an engaging two-plus minute trailer for a fake "Wonder Woman" movie, and it's earning raves across the Internet. Actress Rileah Vanderbilt makes a stunning Wonder Woman, and the fake trailer was made with a moody, dark look that is a little reminiscent of the whole Batman/Dark Knight feel.

Rileah Vanderbilt makes a stunning Wonder Woman in this fan trailer.Today

And those who appreciate Wonder Woman's history not just as a heroine in the human world, but as a warrior princess of the Amazons with ties to Greek mythology, should take note. The trailer explores both sides of Wonder Woman's battles. She's shown fighting thugs in a modern city street as well as taking on giant mythical monsters alongside her toga-clad sisters on Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman's infamous invisible jet is not featured in the clip, though to be fair, the plane isn't always used, even in the comics, and Wonder Woman does sail off into the sky under her own power at the end of the trailer.

"The film was a passion project for all involved," Rainfall Films wrote on its website, calling the trailer, "a unique take on the DC superhero beloved and respected around the world."

Although the trailer isn't tied to any real Hollywood production, the high-quality take on such a beloved heroine has fans excited anyway. The trailer has been viewed nearly 3 million times, with many enthusiastic comments. "(Where's) the Kickstarter?" asked Katt Tewksbury on YouTube.