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'Voice' coach Blake Shelton defends marriage to Miranda Lambert: 'She's my life'

Everything seems to be going great for the coaches on NBC's "The Voice," but that doesn't mean Usher, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Adam Levine don't deal with their share of off-camera stresses, as they told TODAY's Carson Daly on Monday.

Shelton in particular wanted to speak up about stories in the tabloids that have suggested his marriage to fellow country star Miranda Lambert is rocky.

"I would take this opportunity to say, to clear the air," he said. "You might pick up a magazine or a tabloid any day of the week that'll say something about my relationship with Miranda, that it's in turmoil. ... And the truth is, I've never felt a stronger bond with ... not only with her but with any other human being in my life. ... Miranda and I — she's my life."

Meanwhile, Shakira expressed how the show has been a challenge for her as mom to a young son.

"It's so hard," she said about being away from little Milan. "That's the only downside of doing 'The Voice,' the times I've had to ... leave him back home. But his dad (Gerard Piqué) is such a good dad, he's so devoted."

Even Usher spoke up about how the past year had been "one of the hardest years" for him. He lost his grandmother, and his son was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic.

"It has definitely been a difficult one for me," said the singer. "Sometimes y'all look at me and we're off camera, and I'm looking online, I'm looking at numbers and trying to make sure that he's eating. It's crazy."

Only Levine had nothing apparently pressing in his personal life; instead, he talked about how the foursome had banded together recently for an intimate show in a small Los Angeles club.

"There's something actually more intimidating about playing a small, intimate room," he said. "Your mistakes are that much more under the microscope."

All that said, however, there's a whole new generation of potential "Voice" stars out there rarin' to go on the show. As Usher noted, "I've got my son auditioning at home! He's like, 'Dad, I want to audition for "The Voice"!'"

"The Voice" airs Monday and Tuesday on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. 

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