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By Randee Dawn

Johnny Depp's new movie "Transcendence" looks at what might happen if a scientist's brain runs wild after being uploaded to a computer. But Depp's co-stars Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall told Carson Daly on TODAY Friday that during a break in filming something else was a little out of control.

Bettany recalled how Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, was featured in one of the movie's scenes. "He really wanted to show us his Tesla," the actor said. "Johnny got in the front, and then the director and Rebecca got in the back, and there was no room for me, so Johnny said, 'Come in on my, my lap.'"

"Which is really practical considering (Bettany) is 6' 5"," Hall added.

With all three stars and director Wally Pfister crammed into the car, they went racing off and ran a stop sign. Naturally, they got pulled over. "Johnny went, 'Where is TMZ when I finally do something good?'" recalled Bettany.

Fortunately, the group got off with a warning from the police. "One of our producers came up and pretended that we were all our doubles," the actor revealed.

"Transcendence" is currently in theaters.