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'Thor' actress Jaimie Alexander is a cut above on red carpet

Actress Jaimie Alexander turned heads at the premiere of "Thor: The Dark World" in Los Angeles Monday night because what she was wearing revealed all that she wasn't — namely, underwear.

Jordan Strauss / Today

Alexander's black Azzaro Couture dress featured a revealing sheer panel down the front which started at the neckline and traveled a wavy path down her midsection before hanging a hard right below her belly button and continuing to the tip of her shoe.

But(t) there's more. From the back, the dress featured the same sheer fabric and the actress's bare backside was partly visible.

Jordan Strauss / Today
John Shearer / Today

Alexander, 29, told People magazine that the dress was "actually quite warm because it's a long sleeve." She also said she tried on a lot of dresses. "A lot of them were actually too big, or too small, or too short, or too tall, and then I saw this dress. I saw a photo of it and I thought, 'I can’t wear that because that is revealing!' Then when I put it on, it was edgy but sort of classy at the same time."

Video from the red carpet adds the extra benefit of being able to hear countless photographers instruct Alexander on which way she should turn for the best angle on the dress.

Alexander, who stars as Sif in "Thor," is also a rumored candidate for the role of Wonder Woman. She is currently dating actor Peter Facinelli.