Suri Cruise called 'little brat' as photographers, fans swarm

Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise fought with the paparazzi in New York City recently.

Suri Cruise has been dealing with crowds and the paparazzi since the day she was born and it looks like she's finally had enough.

The littlest Cruise got mouthy with photographers and autograph seekers who swarmed her as she, along with mom Katie Holmes and a friend, were trying to make their way to their car in New York City. When the flood of paparazzi and fans began to block the trio's route, Cruise began shouting, "We're trying to get in the car! Stop it!" and "Get out of the way!"

One man was annoyed enough by Cruise's outcry that he decided to teach her a lesson, calling out, "Bye Suri, you little brat!" as the 7-year-old was climbing into the waiting SUV. After a photographer scolds him for stooping so low as to call a kid a name, the offending man defends himself.

"She's a bitch ... a little brat kid," he said. "A little brat."

Luckily, Cruise and company appeared to be out of earshot by the time he made the cruel comment.

Us Weekly reports that Cesar Pena of caught the exchange on camera and that the man yelling at Suri was a "guy who waits for celebrities [to get] their autographs to sell them on eBay."

"I have a little girl, so [the name-calling] triggered quick for me," Pena told Us. "I saw her as my own. She's only 7 years old ... I went into daddy mode quick."

This isn't the first time Cruise has let loose. In 2012, she was caught on video telling the mob of photographers camped out in front of her New York City apartment complex, "Stop it! You got enough pictures!"