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Sunny forecast, gloomy face: Weathercaster gets caught rolling eyes on air

The forecast was sunny, but that didn't translate to the face of BBC weather presenter Wendy Hurrell on Monday's BBC News report.

Hurrell told British viewers that the weather promised "a gorgeous weekend," with "warm, sunny summer weather ahead." But once she threw the report back to BBC anchor Riz Lateef, the smile quickly faded from her face and with the camera still on her, she rolled her eyes, flipped her blond hair, and stared daggers off into the distance.

Some thought Hurrell was for some reason angry at Lateef, but the weather presenter quickly took to Twitter to explain that it was technical difficulties that brought on the angry face. Apparently she couldn't see any weather graphics while delivering the forecast.

"The roll of the eyes was because I had to do the whole forecast without being able to see any graphics -- it wasn't at @RizLateef!" she explained. "And clearly I was kept cut up in frame while I took out my frustration on the nearest inanimate object (green wall of the studio)!"

Lateef was quick to join in the Twitter parade to show she knew it was nothing personal. "Hey lovely, looks like the ten o'clock viewers were entertained this eve albeit by accident," she tweeted at Hurrell.

Hurrell responded, "So it seems! Brought them good weather news AND a chuckle! Darned computers, eh?! Best rhubarb ever?!"

And fans were quick to support an understandable, if entertaining mistake.

"Ahaha @WendyHurrell eye roll on BBC London weather was hilarious! I actually rewinded to see it again," wrote Pedro Silva.

And Hurrell admitted that sometimes life seems a lot like fiction, tweeting back, "It is actually really funny, even I have to admit. Our world is just like 'Anchorman.'"