South parked! 'Daily Show' piles on Atlanta's snow misery

Image: "Daily Show"
Comedy Central

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By Kurt Schlosser

The New York-based "Daily Show" took aim at southerners Thursday night, much like the winter storm that paralyzed Atlanta earlier in the week. Before some had probably even retrieved their cars from the highway-turned-parking lot, host Jon Stewart poked fun at the "ice-age doomsday zombie apocalypse."

"I can't even imagine how much snow it must take to bring about the zombie apocalypse," Stewart said in reference to images from the storm gridlock that were being compared to an iconic shot from the TV series "The Walking Dead."

When Stewart learned the answer was 2 inches, he said, "Really? Two inches of snow? Is that what happens when the South is confronted by something not specifically mentioned in Revelations? 'We're ready for horsemen of the apocalypse and rivers of blood, but Jesus didn't say nothing here about snow tires!'"

Watch the clips for more good-natured Yankee ribbing, including Aasif Mandvi's report from the "25-newsbox pileup."