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Sorry, Justin Bieber, your 'elders' don't get you either

Image: Elders React to Justin Bieber

You've had plenty of time to form your opinion, good or bad, about Justin Bieber. So perhaps the only fun left in the exercise is watching other people form and share theirs. Especially "older" folks.

In the latest episode of Elders React from the YouTube channel TheFineBros (in which seniors watch something on a computer and react in real time), the Biebs and some of his recent exploits go under the microscope.

The viral video opens with Victoria, Vera, Jennifer, Pamela, Bill, Don, Phil, Catherine and Melvin watching a clip of Bieber receiving the Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards in May. The panel of experts is hardly sympathetic upon hearing the boos that greeted the 19-year-old pop star that night.

"Who voted on this?" Catherine asks.

In his knock at the singer, Bill chooses to reference his apparent service in Vietnam, saying that when he was 19 years old, he was "up to here in rice paddy water looking for people to shoot."

In the next clip, shirtless Bieber is on Instagram, giggling into the camera. "Was he high?" Richard asks.

Bieber didn't impress the panel much in the last clip, either, as his bathroom break via a restaurant mop bucket is shown.

"I need to call his mother," Jennifer says, shaking her head. "It's so sad."

Sure, it's easy pickings. No one expects that Bieber is making music or mischief in an effort to win over the over-60 set. He's just following the rules of Pop Star 101: Make girls scream, make their parents angry. But a video of true Beliebers getting giddy over his every move would lack a certain comedic element. 

So the elders finish their assignment with a Q&A about what it is they just watched, how they feel about Bieber's actions and what it all says about child stars and fame.

"With your life experience, what advice would you have for young people and how to deal with fame," a voice off camera asks Richard at the end. "Become a plumber," he says.