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Sofia Vergara complains about her huge boobs! Would you trade her?

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Sofia Vergara Breasts: She Thinks Her Boobs Are Too Big!

Turns out there's a downside to having a perfect hourglass figure! Sofia Vergara, who one of the sexiest bodies on TV, says she's spent her whole life learning how to properly dress her curves.

To get clothes to fit correctly on her ample bust and teeny waist, the Modern Family actress needs to have everything custom-tailored, and she relies on a closetful of supportive undergarments. Designer fashions, she tells Vogue, just aren't created with her 32F breasts in mind!

"I mean, a normal girl will just put the dress on and leave. I need them to be like an armory," Vergara says. "My dresses are like a work of art inside because, you know, I am 40 years old, I had a baby, and I am a 32F boob. And they are real still."

Oh, yes—they're real, all right. And that is part of the challenge.

"When they are fake, you take the bra off and they are still there, perfect! Me—no, so I have to bring them up!" she points out. "I have to build the dresses up to here so that the bras—ach, it's a whole, der–ugh–tchah!"

From now on, we're totally going to say "der-ugh-tchach" every time we put on a bra. We also love how candid Sofia Vergara is about her body, dropping her breast size into the conversation like it's no biggie. (So to speak.) Though she often complains about her wardrobe difficulties, Vergara is always careful to add that she is grateful for her assets.

"It’s hard to dress. No matter what I wear, I look like a stripper," she joked to Shape in 2010. "[But] honestly, they’ve helped me a lot in my career. And I've always felt sexy."

Sofia clearly struggles when it comes to wardrobe—and we'd put money on the fact that she can't go for a run without donning a heavy-duty sports bra (or two!). But her sexy physique has helped her become rich and famous. And then there's the fact that she looks drop-dead gorgeous pretty much all the time. So, would you trade her?

We'll go on record as being pretty envious of Vergara's bod, high-maintenance though it may be. It's refreshing that she's so confident and self-aware and that she makes an effort to customize her wardrobe rather than get a breast reduction or diet herself down to a size 2 (as she has been pressured to do in the past). Not only is she successful despite rocking an all-natural body—she's successful because of it. And because she has an excellent tailor!

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.