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So this is how Kristen Stewart is moving on from Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart Moves on From 'Twilight' and... RPattz?

So much of my life is so easily Googled," Kristen Stewart once complained to a British GQ reporter. 

And the results that come up for that search? Usually some sort of gossip about her (now defunct) relationship with her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson. Ah, but not today! Today, the 23-year-old actress has made some work-related news…

She's lined up acting gigs in two indie films: as a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay in Camp X Ray, and as a movie star's assistant in Sils Maria

Though Stewart's been acting since she was a kid, and has appeared in more than a dozen films, she's living in a post-Twilight world now And in that world, she is, first and foremost, the-girl-who-played-Bella. And in gossip columns, she's the girl-who-played-Bella who used to date the boy-who-played-Edward. 

She and Pattinson split last month, but for a little while, at least, all news about her will be cast in a Pattinson-tinged light. Us Weekly's take on the report of these two new movies? Kristen Stewart Lands Two Movies After Robert Pattinson Breakup.

In this celebrity-fueled day and age, we've all come to think of Stewart as the star of her own, interesting personal drama. It's tough to switch gears and imagine her as just an actress trying out some new roles. Also, that's less interesting.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Stewart described how she chooses her acting gigs. "You read material and it provokes you on some level, and the reason you make the movie is to find out why it made you feel all those things," she said. "Those things are so rare to find that if you start also considering what people are going to think, you'll never make a movie." 

That may be true. But wouldn't it have been more interesting if she said something that furthered the narrative of her fascinating personal life?

Imagine: "I took my next role because it films in London, and I just want to be near this A-list British actor I'm dating but don't want to reveal his name. And don't try to guess it! But yes, I do want to have his baby and then paparazzi can snap my picture, and magazine editors can analyze my baby bump and try to figure out who the father is!"

Alas, the truth probably has more to do with her desire to break the typecasting curse that plagues actresses in epic blockbusters.

Ah, well. We'll always have Netflix…

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