Sniffing along with 'Honey Boo Boo,' and living to tell about it

Image: "Honey Boo Boo" scratch-and-sniff card

As if "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" hasn't assaulted enough of your senses already, the network is targeting the one usually not affected by what's on TV: the sense of smell.

TLC is kicking off the season on July 17 with what it calls a "scentsational Watch 'n Sniff event" in the premiere episode.

Translation: From the comfort of your own home, you'll get to experience some of the eau de Boo Boo that lingers when the Boo-gang is actually filming.

All you'll need are special scratch-and-sniff cards, which are available at select Time Warner Cable stores, and in People and Us Weekly magazines. A few were sent to world headquarters, and while they're meant to be used during the premiere episode (each "scent" is numbered, and during the ep the number will pop up on screen, prompting the viewer to sniff away at the corresponding scent) curiosity got the best of us and we decided to go rogue and sniff to our hearts' content.

Pro tip: Don't go rogue and sniff to your heart's content. Context is likely going to help you get through what we might deem the "Honey Poo Poo" experience.


Of the six scents on the card, we deducted that mystery smell No. 1 is blessedly innocent and refreshing baby powder. (For those who are going to sniff along with the show, remember where this non-repulsive scent is. You'll need it as a nasal sorbet of sorts later on.)

Two was a little bit of a mystery. A race track? A gasoline-soaked rag left out in the sun all day? Car tires -- or maybe a gas station. Odor No. 3 isn't much easier. It smells a bit ... salty, like bacon. But also like a tire. (People wrap bacon around everything. Why not tires too?)

Four is where the false sense of security sets in. It reminds us a little bit of sunshine and flowers and summer. Is that rail line near the yard concealing a verdant park?

Then comes the fifth scent. What to even say? Based on a TLC clip, we can only guess it's what Sugar Bear calls "Monster Cup-a-Fart."

The last one is a bit of a stumper, but does it matter when you're so scarred from No. 5? Focus on the positive: The sixth scent is sweet, but chalky. Does lil' HBB like cheap chocolate? Or maybe it's the family's favorite meal -- sketti.

So why all the odors, both inoffensive and just plain disgusting? "The family loves coming up with crazy games and hijinks, so now our audience gets to play along with one," Amy Winter, general manager of TLC, explained in a statement. "It's an experience they certainly won't want to miss!"

Jury is out on that one.