Smells like love! Aaron Paul and Al Roker bond over weather and Mr. Happy

By Ree Hines

Two-time Emmy winner Aaron Paul and TODAY's weather-and-more man Al Roker are a match made ... well, on morning TV. That's what they — and TODAY viewers — discovered Friday.

The former "Breaking Bad" star stopped by the show to chat about his new thriller "Hellion" (in theaters Friday), but things soon took a turn toward a budding bromance when Roker couldn't help but notice something special in the air.

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"By the way, best smelling guest we've ever had," he noted as he sat next to Paul.

"Al, get in here," the actor smiled.

That's when it happened:


Roker had to know what that scent was, and while Paul insisted it was La Labo fragrance, it was obviously something more.

"You know, my sister is going to be so jealous that you're smelling me," Paul told him. "She has the biggest crush on you."

That's all Roker needed to hear before escorting his new pal over to the weather map for some impromptu forecasting.


"It's a little sunny down here," said the meteorological novice as he pointed out a smiling avatar with sunglasses. "I like this guy."

Roker dubbed the image "Mr. Happy," and suggested that since the sunny face was hanging out near Arizona, it must have "got some of Walter White's stuff."

That left Roker's partner in crime, or rather weather, in hysterics.


Before leaving, but after regaling the rest of the TODAY team with tales from his work on "Hellion," his one-time appearance on "The Price Is Right" and his past as a mascot man, Paul looked into the camera and said, "Love you, Al!"

We have no doubt it's mutual.

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