See for your selfie: Lupita Nyong'o brings brightest smile to awards season

Image: Lupita Nyong'o
By Kurt Schlosser

Lupita Nyong'o has cemented her place in film fans' hearts this year with her breakthrough role as Patsey in "12 Years a Slave." The 30-year-old actress — along with her co-stars, director and the film itself — is up for an Academy Award on Sunday.

Through Nyong'o's Instagram feed, we get a sense of more than the fact that she's a talented actress. Her photographs and the people she interacts with convey a level of beauty, charm and style that are always a welcome component to a very long awards season. On Thursday she took home the best breakthrough performance award at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon and she delivered a moving speech about skin tone and beauty that is worth reading.

Nyong'o is clearly appreciative of the attention and accolades that "12 Years a Slave" has brought, as she excitedly announces talk show appearances, or shares the covers of magazines on which she appears. Take a look at more of her images, and check back Sunday to see how she shines on the Oscars red carpet, and whether she can pull off another win.

Nyong'o has dazzled with colorful gowns throughout awards season. Here she is after the BAFTA Awards in London.

She settled for a tiny chocolate reward that night.

An appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" brought out that huge smile.

All the glitz of stardom is evident in this photo, where she wrote, "I look on the bright side of life."

Hey, we know that guy — and that hat! With fellow Oscar nominee Pharrell at the nominees luncheon.

She's the one, indeed. With "12 Years a Slave" co-star Sarah Paulson at the SAG Awards.

It's not every day you get Brad Pitt to pose with you in a selfie.

Hey, girls! Nyong'o said her Golden Globes checklist included getting a hug from Lena Dunham.

Instagram vet Jared Leto mugs for a selfie with Nyong'o and a friend at the Globes.

On the cover of Entertainment Weekly with fellow Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett, "a woman whose work and style I ADORE," she wrote.

"Geeking out over meeting the BADDEST," she said on this image of herself with Bryan Cranston at the AFI Awards, adding the hashtag #KillingMeSoftly.

And finally, a word of thanks.