Savannah’s dancing skills get a callout in HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’

Apparently Savannah is quite the dancer, at least in the fictional world of HBO's drama "The Newsroom."

In Sunday night's episode, financial reporter Sloan Sabbith, played by Olivia Munn, recounts the events of a date-gone-wrong, which apparently led to a fortuitous night of dancing with a certain TODAY anchor.

When "News Night" anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) asks Sloan about her unfortunate date, she explains how her bad night turned around.

"He ditched me around midnight, but I did end up dancing with Savannah Guthrie for a while," she explains. "That girl can dance. Have you seen the sheer length of her legs?"

If Savannah's attempt at "Gangnam Style" was any indication, it seems writer Aaron Sorkin may have used some creative liberties when it comes to the anchor's dance floor prowess.