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'Saturday Night Live' and Kerry Washington spoof Ylvis' 'The Fox'

Kerry Washington was the opposite of her "Scandal" character, political fixer Olivia Pope, on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" when the actress and Jay Pharaoh performed a more mature parody of Ylvis' viral hit "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)"

There were no cute, furry fox costumes or animal noises, but instead, a bickering couple and some choice adult language when Washington's character discovered her boyfriend was texting with a mystery woman. The question, then, is "What does my girl say?" 

Nothing nice, that's for sure.

"Your skin is soft, you're beautiful, but that jealousy's from hell," sang Pharaoh. "You're in my phone, and searching it, asking me who are these ..."

Washington's response? Think garden tool, repeated numerous times, and some other unflattering names for women.

The actress also had the chance to show off her dance moves as she sang, "He thinks he's so smart, he tried to lock his phone, but he forgot about the cloud, and his cloud is full of butts!"

By Monday morning, the video NBC uploaded to YouTube had already received more than 299,000 hits. Cast member Pharaoh knew they had a hit on their hands before it even aired.



Though the character she portrayed in the music video was far from the professional and composed Olivia Pope, Washington did channel the fixer in her monologue, helping the cast members with their various problems.


"Saturday Night Live" returns with new episodes on Nov. 16 with musical guest Lady Gaga.