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Roommate rage! Ronnie and Sitch brawl on 'Jersey Shore'

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The guys of "Jersey Shore" can be just as dramatic as the girls.

Getting drunk and hooking up is a constant hobby of the “Jersey Shore” gang, we know, but now we finally saw the inevitable: a fight! Tensions in the house are high, and conflicts between certain housemates are growing.

Last week, Snooki and Mike got into it over his claim that the two of them had hooked up two months prior, making her a cheater. Then we cheered on Deena, who, (kind of) pulled a double-robbery on Mike and Vinny with that chickErica, which didn't exactly sit well with them.

But tonight's biggest battle came out of left field.

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Before we get to that, let's review how the other two situations got handled in the latest episode.

Snooki vowed to stop communication with Mike, saying their "bridge is burned," but found it necessary to update her boyfriend Jionni on what was going on. (Looks like she actually took Ronnie's advice!)

How'd he take it?

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Phew! Looks like things are good with those two. For now.

Then there was Deena, who got attacked for her bi-curious moment with the twin, Erica. (Fun fact: There's a difference between a "tag-team" and a "tag-rob.") Vinny told all the guys in the house that Deena was being "a c---block" for taking the blonde out of his bed while they were, you know, and hooking up with her (which didn't actually happen), even though Erica ultimately ended up back in Vin's bed. That girl was quite the traveler.

Pauly Dand Vinny got a little harsh with Deena, and took her bed out of their room and put in the living room as a prank, but it ended up getting our meatball pretty emotional. She even had an anxiety attack!

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After that, things seemed to be going well. Deena, Pauly D and Snooks had their first day of work, which included Pauly using his good looks and charm to lure (female) customers into the pizza shop, while the bronze twins started drinking in the back to help cope with their shift.

Even Ron and Sammiwere being super cutesy with each other, which was heartwarming.

Too bad all this good stuff didn't last long.

While partying at the new club YAB, an alcohol overload caused a drunk Ron and a drunk Sam to get into an argument. (Shocked? We didn't think so.)

Of course, their fight led to a he-said, she-said battle, and can you guess who was in the middle of it? Yup, Mike.

Sam slurred to her gorilla boyfriend about The Situation's comment on an earlier episode where he mentioned Ronnie saying he could bring five different girls back if he wanted (Hi, Hannah!).

Bad move.

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Ron got super heated and confronted Mike, who ended up denying the whole thing. But apparently, Sitch has a little crazy in him, too, because he started yelling so loud that a wad of spit flew out of his mouth and we could practically map out the veins in his forehead.

The two started to go at it as the other roommates crowded around, and then…the show ended.

What the …

Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens during the special airing of “Jersey Shore” before the VMAs on Sunday.

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