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Robin Quivers returns to 'Howard Stern Show'

Robin Quivers
Robin QuiversSteven A Henry / Getty Images Contributor

Robin Quivers, sidekick of radio host Howard Stern, returned live to "The Howard Stern Show" on Monday and Tuesday after undergoing major surgery on May 23

Quivers was not in the studio with Stern for the Sirius XM broadcast, but joined from her New York City home via an ISDN line, the show announced via Twitter.

"I had a major surgery, a major abdominal surgery -- and a mass was removed from my pelvic area," Quivers told the audience, according to DigitalSpy. "I do have some more recovery to do, but everything seems to be fine."

On the May 14 show, she had said the mass was a grapefruit-sized growth on her bladder.

According to Stern fan site MarksFriggin, Stern visited Quivers when she was hospitalized and was told to give the secret code "From Baltimore" in order to see her. Stern said that the guard he tried to use that code name with had no idea what he was talking about, leading him on a wild goose chase from one hospital floor to the other.

Quivers joked to Stern that maybe the guard was really a mental patient who'd stolen a guard's uniform, and Stern in turn told her she chose the worst imaginable code name. He then suggested "Alissa Abromowitz" for a future code name, saying it would at least be at the beginning of the alphabet.

Quivers also appeared on Tuesday's show from her home, and said she wants to eventually talk about the procedure she had done, but needs to talk to Stern off-air before broaching it on-air, MarksFriggin reports.

"Stern Show" head of special projects Jim McClure helped out at Quivers' apartment, while Scott Salem, better known to Stern fans as Scott the Engineer, handled the studio end of things.

"She looks amazing, she sounds great," McClure said in a Howard 100 News Spotlight feature.

Salem agreed, saying "She sounds great, you know, you can't tell. Everybody thinks she's here (in the studio)."

On the day of Quivers' surgery, Stern told his audience, "Doing a show without Robin is like cutting off my left arm. Or my right arm. Or maybe both."

And on Monday, "Star Trek" actor George Takei tweeted, "A shout out to my friend Robin Quivers (@rqui) who was back live on @HowardStern today after major abdominal surgery. Robin, I love you."

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