Reporter spoils 'Homeland' finale for Jennifer Lawrence

By Randee Dawn

"Homeland's" season three ended with a serious shocker, but superfan Jennifer Lawrence hasn't seen the episode yet — likely because she's on the awards campaign trail for her film "American Hustle." Unfortunately, she learned the whole horrifying ending from a reporter on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet, and was left aghast.

"If you really love the show, you should keep up with it," said TODAY's Tamron Hall on Tuesday.

But Carson Daly had the busy actress' back. "It takes people time, at their own pace! People have to work!" he pointed out to his colleague.

What ended up being a spoilerific red-carpet interview started pleasantly enough in a "she's just like us!" moment: Lawrence ran into "Homeland's" Damian Lewis (who played Nicholas Brody) on the carpet during an interview with Access Hollywood, and gasped, starstruck.

"I'm freaking out a little bit. That is Brody. I have never met Brody before. I can't look. Don't look," she told reporter Shaun Robinson.

When Lewis gave Lawrence a bit of attention, the actress — who has seen only the first two seasons — turned to face the wall, as if trying to hide. "It's my favorite show ever," she said.

Lewis ended up giving her a "cuddle" to calm her down, then realized their age differences. "I just hugged a 9-year-old!" he joked. All sweet and good, right?"

Not for long. While the two actors spoke, another reporter decided to make more hay out of the encounter, asking, "Are you upset that he died?"

That didn't seem to register — either that Lawrence heard, or as a serious spoiler blunder — so Robinson picked up the thread and cried, "They killed him off on the show!"

At which point things got rather awkward. "No, they haven't. No, they haven't," said Lewis, trying to play it off. Alas, Lawrence had already been spoiled. 

"I can't process this right now," she said to Robinson. "I can't believe you said that." 

But Lewis remained a trouper, asking Lawrence, "Are you crying?"

"This isn't good," said Lawrence.

But Lewis isn't always so tolerant of people who want to avoid spoilers. On a recent "Conan," the actor called people who wouldn't talk about his show after it aired "the conversation police," adding, "It's like, no, let me talk! I want to talk about the show I saw two years ago!"