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PBS station spoofs reality TV, urges viewers to support 'quality' shows

Move over, "Deadliest Catch!" The "Clam Kings" are set to show viewers some fresh shellfish shenanigans.

Or not.

Actually, a new trailer on YouTube, which at first seems to promote a reality TV show called "Clam Kings," is really just a spoof on the whole genre -- and a creative fundraising effort from one PBS station.

"When it comes to clams, these two aren't shucking around," an announcer says after introducing the audience to a couple of bumbling clam diggers.

But after flashing the date and time for this non-show, a different message comes on the screen.

"The fact you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV," it reads. "Support quality programming."

The spoof is just one of three new clips from New York PBS affiliate WNET (also known as Thirteen), which urges viewers to make donations to the station to keep the "quality" coming.

Other sendups from the station include "Long Island Landscapers," an all-too-real-looking reality TV spoof that focuses on a team of yard guys who "are going over the hedge." And there's "Meet the Tanners," a laughable took at a sun-loving family with questionable priorities. ("We have rules in this house," mom insists. "If you sass me, you go to the shade.")

The current spots are just the latest from Thirteen's #TVGONEWRONG campaign. In May, the station ran subway ads for such fake shows as "Bad Bad Bag Boys" (where there's a "Clean up on every aisle"), "Knitting Wars," "Bayou Eskimos," "Married to a Mime," and "The Dillionaire" (because, of course, "Life's a pickle").

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