Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen pose with Elmo in Times Square

Patrick Stewart, Elmo, Ian McKellen
@SirPatStew / Twitter

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By Randee Dawn

Another week, another delightful social media entry, thanks to one Sir Patrick Stewart. At the end of August he posted a video of himself (filmed by then-fiancée Sunny Ozell) giving a very silly acting lesson; and on Sept. 8 he let everyone know he'd gotten married by posting a photo of himself and Ozell poking their heads from an enormous vat of plastic balls.  

So, let the merriment continue: On Friday, he tweeted a photo of himself with Sir Ian McKellen in Times Square, and by Saturday evening it had already received nearly 4,000 re-tweets and over 3,400 favorites. Both actors wore goofy grins and matching bowler hats while flanking a costumed Elmo. 



Fans responded just as happily; @EvilGalProds noted, "Y'all, these two... I just can't any more. Too much giddy." And @MrDavidGordon asked, "Can I be your personal photographer throughout the @TwoPlaysinRep experience?"

Of course, it's not entirely a coincidence that Stewart and McKellen just so happened to be in Times Square: The pals and "X-Men" co-stars have taken their co-starring act to Broadway, where they're appearing in two plays, "No Man's Land" and "Waiting for Godot" at the Cort Theater. (Hence the Twitter handle @TwoPlaysinRep.)

And McKellen did officiate at Stewart's wedding. 

Heck, in the process, maybe they've even managed to burnish the reputation of the city's costumed Elmo contingency, which in recent months has made headlines thanks to the unsavory behavior of a few of those wearing the fur.

For those who just can't get enough of Stewart's photos, there's more fun, behind-the-scenes stuff over on his Facebook feed (including some with McKellen).