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OMG! Adam Levine admits he's 'unfamiliar' with One Direction hit

The story of their lives: Blake Shelton and Adam Levine exchange barbs on "The Voice."

Each of the remaining six contestants on "The Voice" sang twice on Monday, and Matthew Schuler took the biggest risk in terms of song-choice. He picked a little-known B-side single called "The Story of My Life" by a British group named One Direction to dedicate to his family.  

What? You don't think "little-known" is the right adjective for "Story of My Life"? You think anyone with a radio has heard it at least a dozen times in the last 48 hours alone? You say its music video has more than 61 million views on YouTube?

You, clearly, are not Adam Levine.

"I'm actually not that familiar with the song," Adam said after the performance.

To illustrate how crazy his comment was, it was country-focused Blake Shelton who burst out, "One Direction! Oh em gee!" (After breaking out the "swag" last week, he's clearly just trying to show off his mastery of modern slang.) 

"Blake is the authority on all things One Direction," Adam acknowledged.

"He didn't know Nirvana, but he knew One Direction," Christina Aguilera said.

"As sick as that is, that makes sense to me," Adam replied. As well it should. Sure, Nirvana was trail-breaking and legendary, but nobody in that group has ever been linked to fellow country star Taylor Swift. So how would it have popped up on Blake's radar?

While Adam might have learned a new song on Monday, the audience learned a lot about the coaches' Thanksgiving Day plans thanks to viewer tweets read aloud by Carson Daly. (Who, like Adam, was sporting a clean shave. Movember is clearly over.) 

The host started out by asking Blake about his Thanksgiving. 

"Are you trying to say I gained some weight?" joked the CMA vocalist of the year. "Are you trying to say I gained some weight? I gained some weight! Are you happy now?" Guessing those special lattes might need to be made with skim milk for the near future. And given the vehemence of his response, a switch to decaf might be in order.

That's not all Blake was doing on his holiday. Christina revealed that she sent out an e-mail suggesting a Thanksgiving basketball game among the "Voice" coaches. OK, Thanksgiving is more associated with football than basketball, but it was still funny to try and figure out how an Adam-Christina combo would match up with CeeLo and Blake inside — and whether Carson would have to referee or be allowed to sub in. But alas, Christina said, Blake was busy.

"His response was, 'I'm pooping,'" Christina said. 

At least he was honest. Though if he had his smartphone in the bathroom to respond, not very sanitary.

Blake and Christina tangled again later in the show, when another viewer asked if he had ever taken her fishing.

"That's a great question," she said. "He has not. He's too good for me now — he's won three seasons of 'The Voice.'"

Carson and Adam tried to plead her case. "Take her fishing, Shelton!" Adam said. "Take her fishing, for crying out loud."

"What she just said is exactly the reason: I'm way too good," Blake retorted. "I'm a three-time champion of 'The Voice.' I don't have time for fishing."

Somehow, that seems hard to believe. But apparently he does have time to listen to One Direction.