Oh, baby! Jimmy Kimmel spoofs 'The Bachelor' with very young contestants

"The Baby Bachelor"

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By Randee Dawn

While "Jimmy Kimmel Live" isn't necessarily known for its sweet approach to babies or children (Kimmel routinely exhorts parents to prank their kids and capture it on camera for yuks), on Thursday night he managed to blend a spoof of "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette" with a clutch of toddler actors that was, well, downright adorable.

In a spoof of the long-running ABC reality series "The Bachelor," Kimmel lent his voice to a "preview" of a "new" series, "The Baby Bachelor," in which Wesley, a very young man just looking for a play date has to choose between a collection of similarly youthful ladies. And they're just as much of a handful as their grown-up counterparts, as demonstrated by the lovely blonde who just can't stop crying. Wesley not only gives her a hug but a peck on the cheek, to no avail.


Then of course there's always one: 35-month-old Jesse is a "stay-at-home daughter" who is "looking for a sugar daddy."

Who will accept Wesley's offer of a dinosaur toy? Check out the video for all of the cute overload!