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No regrets for Kat Von D -- she's keeping the tattoo

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images file / Today

No matter how bad the breakup is, we all have a hard time getting rid of every last bit of our exes. There's always something you want to keep to remember the good times.

In Kat Von D's case, that means a large permanent ink drawing of former fiancé Jesse James' face will not be erased, even if the relationship has now imploded, according to TMZ.

The tattoo of James as a 5th grader appears on her side, was done not long before the breakup, and her surprise presentation to him of it was chronicled on "L.A. Ink." James seemed to have mixed feelings about it.

Yesterday, Von D walked out of an interview on KTLA's "Good Day L.A." after the anchor spoke about the breakup, according to the station.

But 24 hours later, maybe she's mellowed a bit. As she told TMZ, "I love my tattoo ... it's more than just a portrait, it has a lot of meaning."

Why? Because she lives her life with "no regrets."

And no tattoo removal, apparently.

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