'Downton Abbey' trailer teases new characters, Lady Mary's heartbreak

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary on "Downton Abbey."

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By Randee Dawn

The "Downton Abbey" frenzy is heating up good and proper, what with the spoiler-free teases and season 4 previews getting fans into a tizzy — and on Saturday, another element of the puzzle popped up on YouTube: A trailer with brand new scenes.

"You have a straightforward choice," the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) tells a stricken Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) in the clip. "You must choose either death, or life."

What follows is just over a minute of dancing, kissing, embracing, tears, scuffles, and sipped cups of tea, all set to the song "Wolf's Law" by Joy Formidable. So how does it end? With a greeting: "Welcome to Downton," says Lady Rose MacClare.

Welcome indeed. Season 4 of "Masterpiece Classic's" "Downton Abbey" will return to PBS starting Jan. 5. 

The new season kicks off on Jan. 5 in the United States. See what's in store for the people upstairs and downstairs at the grand estate.