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MTV contestant uses Nutella for blackface on 'Battle of the Exes'

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Note to reality TV contestants and, well, people everywhere: If in the middle of planning a prank, you have to ask someone if it's racist, the answer is probably "yes it is."

That's a lesson one player on MTV's "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" learned in hindsight after donning blackface in order to impersonate a fellow contestant on Wednesday's night episode of the show.

For some reason, Emily's pal, Camilla, gave her the ill-advised all-clear when she asked the aforementioned question about her prank, so Em went ahead and smeared her face with chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella, put on a hat and did her best (worst) impression of game partner Ty.

Ty's first reaction was to simply ignore Emily and quietly mention that "she's not that smart." But once she repeated "Baby! Baby! Baby!" in a voice that sounded nothing like Ty, he'd had enough.

"That's sort of not racist at all," he said sarcastically.

Still, despite Ty's reaction and the disapproving looks from other players, Emily continued to mock Ty (and his lip-lock partner Paula), until Ty referred to it as the "most racist thing" he'd ever seen and threatened to walk.

Eventually, Emily, who claimed she had no idea what blackface was, realized she'd crossed a line and apologized. Ty decided to stay in the game.

Watch the action unfold in the following clip (skip ahead to the 26:00 mark):

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