Mila Kunis warns fathers-to-be: Stop saying 'we're pregnant'

Mila Kunis wants to make it very clear who's doing the hard work when it comes to carrying and birthing a baby. The pregnant actress, in an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday night, warned soon-to-be-fathers that they need to "stop saying 'we're' pregnant."

In her mini rant, Kunis, 30, said men are not the ones sitting alone in their cars crying over some "stupid Bette Midler song." And when they wake up and throw up it's not because they're "nurturing a human life"; it's because they had too many shots of tequila. Pregnant women, Kunis says, can't have shots of tequila. They can't have ANYTHING!

Ashton Kutcher and all men have hereby been put on notice. Watch what you say about your impending fatherhood.

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