Meryl Streep on Robin Williams: 'It's hard to imagine unstoppable energy stopped'

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By Ree Hines

Hollywood has been reflecting on the life of legendary actor-comedian Robin Williams since news of his tragic death broke Monday. On Tuesday, actress Meryl Streep stopped by TODAY and shared her thoughts on Tinseltown's tremendous loss.

"Well, it's hard to imagine unstoppable energy stopped," Streep said of the always irrepressible Williams. "He was such a generous soul."

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But her memories of the star weren't limited to him. When thinking of Williams, Streep couldn't help but recall another late Hollywood great — Williams' close friend, Christopher Reeve.

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"(Robin) was a great friend to Chris and (his wife) Dana Reeve," Streep, who is starring in "The Giver," explained. "I think he was Chris' roommate at Juilliard."

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The bond Williams and Reeve forged during those early days at Juilliard in the 1970s, when the two first vowed to support one another, remained remarkable throughout their lives.

After Reeve suffered his paralyzing accident in 1995, he awaited a surgery that came with just 50/50 survival odds. As the "Superman" star lay in his hospital bed, Williams rushed in, put on a latex glove and in a Russian accent said, "Your proctologist is here for the exam!"

Reeve had said it was his first laugh after his injury.

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During Streep's sit down with TODAY's Matt Lauer, she said that Williams "was always very loyal to (Chris and Dana) and their foundation."

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