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Madonna goes full Khaleesi in 'Game of Thrones' Purim costume

Madonna in costume for Purim.

There's no doubt about it — Madonna loves to play dress-up. So this year, for the Jewish holiday of Purim (in which costumes are traditional), the Material Girl decided to honor "Game of Thrones," dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen, complete with little dragons on her shoulder .

"Happy Purim!!!!!!" she wrote on an Instagram post. "All Hail All Queens! ##certainty"

It's a good representation. At 55, Madonna may have a few years on actress Emilia Clarke, the 26-year-old who plays the Mother of Dragons on the HBO hit show, but she's got all of the attitude necessary. 

Madonna has been a follower of Kabbalah, or Jewish mystical teachings, since the 1990s but has not converted to Judiasm. The singer's Hebrew name is Esther, a name that comes up frequently during the holiday, which celebrates Jews' escape from extermination in Persia.

Clearly, she knows how to get into the spirit of the occasion while still staying close to her Christian pals, as the Instagram she posted right after her original Khaleesi picture proved.

"Ive got a friend in Jesus! #revolutionoflove" she wrote.