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'Little Couple' trailer reveals star Jen Arnold's battle against cancer

It's going to be good times and really, really tough times for "Little Couple" stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein when the show returns with new episodes in March.

The pair, along with son Will, start off the season with a joyous trip to India to bring newly adopted daughter Zoey home, but in a new tease released by TLC, the journey is cut short for Jen when her health takes a turn for the worse.

"Turns out that I had a rapidly growing tumor in my uterus," she says in the clip. As fans found out in December, the neonatologist was diagnosed with stage 3 choriocarcinoma, a rare cancer that developed after she suffered a pregnancy loss in September. 

The teaser goes on to show the 39-year-old in her fight against cancer: getting chemotherapy treatments, curling up in her big hospital bed, removing her wig to reveal her hair loss, and insistence on focusing on the good things in her life — her family. All this as husband Bill stands by her side through everything. 

"I'd do anything to be in her place," he says.

As Jen revealed in an interview with People Tuesday, her cancer is now in remission. "I had my official last chemo treatment," she told the magazine. "I'm doing great. Everything is moving in the right direction."

"The Little Couple" returns with a special one-hour episode on March 4 at 10 p.m. on TLC.