'Apparently' this kid has a future in the biz: Little boy steals TV interview

Image: Noah Ritter on WNEP 16
Noah Ritter on WNEP 16YouTube

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By Anna Chan

Little Noah Ritter may have been at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania to have some fun, but after an interview with WNEP Newswatch 16's Sofia Ojeda, he may also have a future in broadcasting. 

With the reporter's mic in his hands, the adorable young man with an apparent love for the word "apparently" confidently told viewers, "Apparently, I've never been on live television before. But apparently I don't watch the news because I'm a kid and apparently Grandpa just gives me the remote after he watch the Powerball."

The little budding newscaster did eventually answer Ojeda's question about the rides he went on, and even that reply was super cute. After once again reminding viewers he'd "never been on live television," Noah revealed, "Apparently, I went down the Super Slide. When I went down, I was scared half to death! I just freak out!"

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Noah had the TODAY anchors in stitches on Tuesday.

"I love this kid!" Al Roker declared, calling the little boy "this generation's Mason Reese."

"The kid's a natural," Savannah Guthrie agreed.

WATCH: TODAY anchors react to Noah's interview on What's Trending

Ojeda was also smitten with the young (now viral) TV personality, and urged Ellen DeGeneres to feature Noah on her talk show.



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