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Let's grill Madonna over her toothy fashion accessory

Madonna, who turned 55 last week, is clearly embracing the golden years if the gold bracing on her teeth is any indication.

Gregorio Borgia / Today

Flashing a big smile for cameras in Rome on Wednesday, the pop star is currently sporting a shiny grill that outlines several of her top teeth. The fashion accessory popped up on the singer's Instagram a couple months ago, where she wrote, "Don't hate me. Hate my #grilz."

Madonna was in the Italian capital this week for the opening of another branch of her Hard Candy fitness studio. (Sorry, Gold's Gym — synergy fail). Just when we were starting to get used to those gloves she can't take off, along comes the grill.

Remo Casilli / Today

It's a look that Miley Cyrus (among others) has sunk her teeth into lately. She's all about the grill in the video for "We Can't Stop." But while Miley attributes her ongoing evolution to "puberty," we're confident we won't get the same excuse from Madonna.

But like her much-younger peers, it is safe to say it's probably just a phase for the Material Girl. She's given us so many of them over the years, this one isn't worth frowning over.