Leonardo DiCaprio reenacts classic 'Titanic' scene with Jonah Hill on 'SNL'

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By Ree Hines

Jonah Hill kicked off his third time hosting "Saturday Night Live" by boasting about his Oscar-nominated role in "The Wolf of Wall Street" — much to the chagrin of the film's leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio.

In his monologue, Hill joked that director Martin Scorsese wasn't really sure DiCaprio could handle a part in the production, and that's when DiCaprio took the stage and gave his pal a piece of his mind.

"Jonah, I knew this was going to happen if you got nominated," DiCaprio said before warning Hill that he "should be humble," "gracious."

Hill saw the wisdom in those words and decided to turn his act around — just as soon as he and DiCaprio did that thing they used to do to make him "feel safe"; that thing the rest of us call the "I'm flying" scene from "Titanic."

While that might have been the highlight of the night, it was far from the only laugh-packed bit.

In a skit called "Me," Hill turned Spike Jonze's "Her" into a hilarious exercise in narcissism.

The racy operating-system romance saw Hill serenade himself and later get cozy with a surrogate partner, played by his "Superbad" co-star, Michael Cera.

"That feels right," Hill said.


Hill also offered the audience a few low-brow laughs in a dating-game send-up called "Couples Quiz," in which he confessed to toilet troubles rather than relationship woes.

The host wasn't on hand for the night's other big side-splitter — a Weekend Update nod to Justin Bieber's arrest woes, complete with Kenan Thompson in the role of the Miami Beach police officer who pulled the pop star over.

Thompson described Bieber's alleged efforts to resist arrest as "adorable."

"I just put my hand on his forehead and let him swing away until he fell asleep," he said. "It was kind of sweet."

"Saturday Night Live" will be back with another new episode next week with host Melissa McCarthy and musical guest Imagine Dragons.