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Lauren Scruggs on engagement to E!'s Jason Kennedy: 'I was seriously shocked'

After losing her left hand and eye in an accident three years ago, Lauren Scruggs doubted she would ever find love. 

"I was sure no guy would ever think I was attractive again, much less would want to marry me,'' the former model and fashion blogger wrote in her book "Still LoLo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family's Journey of Hope." 

WATCH: Lauren Scruggs describes the emotional proposal 

E! News co-host Jason Kennedy was thinking just the opposite when he saw Scruggs interviewed by Natalie Morales on Dateline NBC. 

"I remember looking up at the TV and saying I would love to marry a girl like that,'' Kennedy said on TODAY. 

Scruggs has radiated positivity after the 2011 accident, when she walked into a spinning airplane propeller on a Dallas runway. 

On Friday, Kennedy's wish came true: He proposed to the 26-year-old at her apartment in Dallas. 

"I walk in and my apartment is full of tulips, this little like path to the patio,'' Scruggs said on TODAY. "He was outside in the grass, and there were just candles, spelling out 'Will you marry me?' And he was like, 'Will you come down here? I want to ask you a question.' I was just seriously shocked." 

Kennedy, who began dating Scruggs after an interview she did on E!, tried to keep his composure as he slipped an engagement ring made by Hollywood jeweler Jennifer Meyer on Scruggs' finger. 

"I was crying badly,'' Kennedy said. "I got down on a knee, asked her to marry me. Then she got down on a knee, and I put the ring on her finger." 

The two have maintained their romance from a long distance, as Scruggs lives in Dallas and Kennedy lives in Los Angeles. 

"I was just so moved by her and her story, and I thought she was hot, too, so that's always an added benefit,'' Kennedy said before laughing. 

No wedding date has been set yet. For Scruggs, the engagement is a happy ending — and welcome news for the couple's friends. 







"(Kennedy) just loves people well, loves me well,'' she said. "And he's fun and funny."

"It's an incredible story,'' Kennedy said. "I love her so much, and this is just the beginning for both of us." 

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