Emmy host Seth Meyers kicks off TV's big night with big laughs

Image: Seth Meyers
Emmy host Seth Meyers.Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

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By Ree Hines

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers brought the laughs to prime time Monday night for the Emmy Awards. As the evening of TV's bests kicked off, the funnyman dished up some hilarious zingers.

"This year, we're doing the Emmys on a Monday night in August, and if I understand television, (that) means the Emmys are about to get canceled."

Meyers ushered in the show by poking fun at MTV's recent VMA bash, due to the sheer ridiculousness of a network that doesn't air many videos anymore honoring the very content it left behind.

"That's like network TV holding an awards show and giving all the trophies to cable and Netflix!" he joked.

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He had a good point! In fact, he had plenty of them in his opening routine.

  • "HBO is like the kid you grew up with who ended up doing way better than you expected. 99 nominations? When I first met HBO, all he had was 'Grease 2' and 'Fraggle Rock.' I wish I was nicer too him."
  • "Cable is looking at Netflix the way Justin Bieber looks at One Direction — through a cloud of marijuana smoke."
  • "If you're an actor on 'Game of Thrones,' you wait for next week's script the way most people wait for biopsy results."
  • "Television has always been the booty call friend of entertainment. You don't have to ask, 'You up?' TV's always up."



Actually, the laughs started before Meyers even took the stage. In the days leading up to the big event, the funnyman shared some of his best pre-show material.

The fun kept coming, and that's no surprise. After all, the "Late Night" writers have been hard at work crafting the jokes for the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.



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