Kim Kardashian gives TODAY a selfie lesson: It's harder than it looks

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By Randee Dawn

Keir Simmons knew exactly what to do when he interviewed Kim Kardashian: He took a selfie.

"She gave me a few tips," Simmons said on TODAY Thursday after interviewing the newlywed in Cannes. "She says you've got to hold the camera up high (and) make sure you're in the right light."

Kardashian should know; she's the Queen of Selfies, and her wedding photo with Kanye West set a new record for most likes on Instagram, with over 2 million.

But that doesn't mean the perfect self-portrait is easy.

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"I don't know what happened, guys, 'cause look at the result," Keir said. "She looks fantastic; I think I look a bit sweaty somehow, I'm not looking at the camera properly and I've managed to make my head look twice as big as Kim's head."

Al Roker tried soothing him. "It's only about three-quarters the size of her head," he said.

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