Keith Urban: Nicole Kidman and I do 'nice sex texting'

IMAGE: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban share "nice" sex text, the country singer told Ellen DeGeneres.Jason Merritt / Today

Keith Urban told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres on Monday that he and wife Nicole Kidman occasionally exchange "nice sex texts," but it took him a few minutes to admit it.

On the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," DeGeneres asked the country singer how he and his actress wife stay in touch when he's touring and she's filming movies. At first, he said they only used the telephone. 

"We never text, we never email," Urban said.

But then he paused, and decided to be completely honest.

"Maybe one text," he said. "Maybe one cool kind of ... you know ... a year. One of those kind of texts."

DeGeneres played dumb, and Urban stumbled over his words. "Nice sex texting," he said. "Ssss...texting. Stexting."

"Aw, you're bashful!" said the talk-show host with a laugh.

"I'm a little red right now," he said as he blushed and DeGeneres' audience clapped and laughed.

Urban will return as a judge when "American Idol" premieres its thirteenth season in January.