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Kate Upton flips, spins in a bikini in zero gravity for Sports Illustrated

Model Kate Upton's ability to defy gravity went to great new heights for Sports Illustrated's 2014 swimsuit edition.

Aboard a specially modified Boeing 727 run by the Zero G Experience, Upton managed to keep her eyes on the camera and her bikini on her body as she and an S.I. crew pulled off a photo shoot in weightlessness.

"In my experience at Sports Illustrated, it's about the adventure," Upton said in a behind-the-scenes video from S.I. "It's so hard to explain how it feels. You're weightless, you're floating around, you have no control. But I got the hang of it."

The Zero G airplane achieves weightlessness by performing a series of parabolic arcs, in which the pilot pulls the aircraft up at 45 degrees to 34,000 feet and then pushes the plane into a descent in which zero gravity is achieved for 20 to 30 seconds.

Thousands of feet above the beaches of Florida where normal modeling shoots take place, a handler instructs a twisting, turning Upton, "Keep that face pretty, sweetie!"

Whatever planet you live on, it's pretty fun to watch Upton flip and spin like she's in space while trying to maintain the right face and hair — and sell a swimsuit at the same time.

And Target is offering the gold-inspired "space" suits Upton wore as part of its Limited Edition Collection for $35. Use the savings toward your weightless flight, which, according to the Zero G site, will run you $4,950.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is out now.