Kate Moss' sister, 16, stuns in first modeling spread

Kate Moss, left, is still going strong in her modeling career at age 40, and now sister Lottie, right, is entering the fray.

Those are some killer genes!

A seemingly familiar face with a very familiar last name has entered the modeling world — just as her supermodel relative marked a milestone birthday.

Lottie Moss, 16, made her debut in a spread for Britain's "Dazed" magazine on Thursday, as big sister Kate Moss, still one of the most famous models in the world, turned 40. While we hope Kate never retires, Lottie's photos prove she could be a possible successor to Kate's beauty throne.

Kate Moss at 16, left. At right, Lottie Moss, 16, appears in Dazed magazine, whose founder and editorial director is sister Kate's ex-boyfriend.

Lottie, whose name is short for Charlotte, is Moss' half-sister, born to Kate’s dad Peter, a travel agent, and his second wife, Inger. Despite her famous relative, the high school student has lived a relatively normal life in Surrey, England, outside of London.

But that all changed in 2011, when photos of Lottie at Kate's wedding to Jamie Hince, which ran in Vogue magazine, caught the attention of talent scouts, according to Vogue U.K.

Lottie Moss models next to an English post office box. The teen grew up in England in relative anonymity.

Lottie waited until this month — when she turned 16 — to sign with an agency, and in a nod to her big sister, chose Storm Model Management, the company that turned the elder Moss into a star. Storm’s founder, Sarah Doukas, discovered Kate when she was a teenager and is still one of her closest friends.

Lottie Moss is a committed student, and will only be modeling part-time.

Lottie's spread in Dazed also carries a personal connection — Jefferson Hack, the founder and editorial director of the magazine, is Mott’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter Lila, 11.

Lottie Moss says she has a love for sloths and thinks Romeo Beckham, son of David and Victoria Beckham, is cute.

Like her big sister, who rarely does interviews, we don’t know a lot about Lottie. But the teen’s Twitter account does some give some clues about her personality — she thinks fellow celeb relative Romeo Beckham is cute, loves the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," and has a picture of Marilyn Monroe as her page background. In a brief Q&A with Dazed, the 16-year-old said she loves sloths and confessed to not having read any of the "Harry Potter" books.

Lottie's name is short for Charlotte.

Still, it sounds like the 16-year-old is getting great advice from her big sister. Instead of quitting school to model full-time, Lottie is still focusing on her education and is currently studying for her A-level exams, which are the British equivalent of AP subject tests.

Good looks and a good head on her shoulders — girl has the potential to go very far.