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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on the trail to tie Lucille Ball in Emmy wins

Julia Louis-Dreyfus described feeling “euphoric” when she “avenged” Lucille Ball in career Emmy nominations this summer. Now, the pundits are predicting that the 52-year-old comedienne will take home her fourth Emmy trophy, tying the First Lady of Television in total wins.

With her 14th Emmy nomination in either supporting or lead actress comedy roles — two for “Veep,” seven for “Seinfeld,” and five for “The New Adventures of Old Christine” — Louis-Dreyfus has already made it into record books. She's the only actress to win Emmys for her work on three different series, and she has won one for each comedy.

How about a little Elaine dance? Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her "Seinfeld" days of the '90s, left, and her current "Veep" days.

Louis-Dreyfus began her ground-breaking career in 1982 on “Saturday Night Live” and later had one failed sitcom. But it didn’t take her long to become a household name. Her iconic performance as Elaine Benes on “Seinfeld” began in 1989 and gave TV fans as much as the show gave her. With her crazy lines, even crazier dancing, and that hair, it’s hard to believe Elaine Benes did not appear in the pilot episode. It’s safe to assume that will never happen to a Louis-Dreyfus character again.

On Sunday, Louis-Dreyfus who is nominated for her turn as Selina Meyer, the gaffe-prone vice president of the United States on “Veep,” faces off with other revered actresses: Laura Dern of the now cancelled “Enlightened;” Lena Dunham of “Girls;” Edie Falco of “Nurse Jackie;” Tina Fey of “30 Rock”; and Amy Poehler of “Parks and Recreation”).

Louis-Dreyfus and Poehler staged a hysterical turnabout at last year’s Emmys when they “accidentally” swapped acceptance speeches and Louis-Dreyfus, who won, began to read Poehler’s thank you list.

When Louis-Dreyfus got her notes backs, she went on: “You know it is really, in fact, tremendous to be in the same category with these women who are so talented and powerful and funny and know what they’re doing ... At the same time, it’s a bit mystifying to me because people say that this show, ‘Veep’ is a comedy and yet I don’t see anything funny about me being vice president of the United States.”

After her own list of thank you’s, Louis-Dreyfus ended her speech: “Isn’t it a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win?” 

Louis-Dreyfus also stars in the romantic comedy "Enough Said," which opens on Wednesday. She plays a masseuse who falls in love with a man she meets a party, played by the late James Gandolfini. It is her first lead role in a film.