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Jon Stewart on 'Daily Show': 'I wanna come home!'

Jon Stewart is in the Middle East working on his first directorial project, but the host of "The Daily Show" took a few minutes to check in on his program via Skype Thursday.

Temporary host John Oliver told Stewart that not much had changed on the show since the now-director started his 12-week leave of absence.

"The only key things are we play softball against the Mets on Monday, and Bruce Springsteen comes to play every Tuesday night," Oliver jested. "We didn't think they'd be things you'd enjoy."

Turns out they are things Stewart would enjoy.

"What?! That's my favorite musician! What?! I wanna come hoooome!" Stewart jokingly cried.

Earlier, a newly bearded Stewart told Oliver that he was "doing a phenomenal job" holding down the fort, but that he wasn't tuning in every night.

"I don't watch it all the time because it's too weird," Stewart said. "It's like watching someone have sex with your wife's desk."

The comedian said he missed his staff "like crazy cakes." Though he's enjoying his work on "Rosewater," an adaptation of Newsweek reporter Maziar Bahari's best-selling memoir "Then They Came For Me," he called the experience "weird as hell."

The film and memoir tell the tale of Bahari's arrest by the Iranian government in 2009 while he was there covering the election results. He was tortured for 118 days. After his October release, Bahari appeared on "The Daily Show" in late November to share details of his captivity.